Before you buy
Steps in preparation of a houseboat purchase

Prior to Planning a New Houseboat Purchase

Before planning and purchasing a new luxury houseboat it is important to verify some important information.

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Some of the important factors and questions that require consideration are presented below:

Where do you plan to use your houseboat?

You probably have a good idea of where you wish to enjoy your luxury houseboat once purchased. It is important to research the regulations regarding boat traffic at this location. Some important factors to consider here are:

What is my maximum allowable height?
Many lakes have restrictions on the height of boats on the water due to existing bridges or other overpasses on passageways.

What is the body of water like?
Is this lake fairly calm year-round? Is it generally quite choppy due to regular weather issues like wind? This question is important to answer to ensure that your boat construction factors in these considerations.

What are the prevailing high and low temperatures?
Both the water itself and the general ambient temperature of the area. Once you know the temperature range you will be operating your houseboat in we can plan out the comfort requirements for your build such as HVAC systems and other considerations.

Where will your boat be moored?

The first step is obviously making sure your new houseboat has a home.

We do build trailerable houseboats that can be transported anywhere you wish and stored anwhere that your trailer can fit. If you are planning for a larger model houseboat however, you will need to make sure that you have moorage set up at your preferred vacation lake. We highly recommend obtaining moorage prior to beginning your boat build.

Is shore power available?
When looking for moorage, an important factor is the availability of shore power. Your luxury houseboat is built to provide you with a large number of electronic comforts. Shore power is highly recommended.

What is Your Allowable Length and beam?

A related issue to the first is the allowable dimensions of your houseboat. It is important to verify if any length and width constraints are in place with your moorage provider. While the width of your boat is less frequently an issue, the overall length is often tightly controlled as the majority of moorage providers calculate useage based on total dock length used. Check with your selected moorage provider for length / width considerations.

Sleeping and Privacy Requirements

Simply put, this consideration asks just how to intend to make use of your luxury houseboat. Consider the maximum number of people you intend to have sleep on-board. In addition to total sleeping space, how much of the sleeping space should be within private quarters? These questions determine a large number of future considerations when designing and building your new boat.

Ready to design and build?

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You can also view the houseboat gallery featuring pictures of some of our most popular houseboats.


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